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Toshiba VFD Drives

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HVAC Drives

Toshiba provides low voltage & medium voltage adjustable speed drives that are specifically designed for HVAC systems, offering complete and simple control of your fan and pump applications.

Our variable frequency drives feature compact enclosures with reactor-less, harmonic suppressing technologies and built-in filters.

This saves time, wiring costs, and installation space, which are all critical factors for an HVAC system.

In addition, our drives are equipped with numerous safety features and communications for easy maintenance and to help protect your drive and system from common HVAC anomalies.

The solid-state HVAC AC drives features Toshiba International Corporationís (TIC) Virtual Linear Pump Technology, Time-Based Alternation, and Vector Control algorithms.

Toshiba Q9 Plus Low Voltage Variable Torque HVAC Inverters Distributors

If you are looking for Toshiba VFD Inverters, please call us at (800) 894-0412 or email us at info@ctiautomation.net we will do our best to help you find the Toshiba HVAC Drives that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for Toshiba Tosvert VFD Inverters technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

Q7 Low Voltage Variable Torque HVAC

The Q7 Series adjustable speed drive combines our state-of-the-art IGBTs with faster microprocessors to give you the most advanced HVAC drive we have ever built. The Q7 is built to last, utilizing oversized transistors to increase the life of the drive and heavy-duty DC bus capacitors to absorb spikes and dips that may occur during operation. It is available with AC link reactor or DC link reactor along with 12- or 18-pulse options to mitigate harmonics on power systems. The Q7 is a quiet, dependable, and user-friendly drive that is perfect for any HVAC system.

Toshiba is known throughout the world for high quality products. Manufactured in our state-of-the-art ISO 9001 plant in Houston, Texas, the Q7 is no exception to this legacy of quality.

Toshiba Q7 Low Voltage Variable Torque HVAC Drives Distributor

Q7 Flow Series

S15 Low Voltage Heavy Duty Micro

Toshiba's heavy duty S15 adjustable speed drive is a compact and high performance drive designed for controlling a wide range of variable and constant torque applications for multiple industries. This micro-drive is capable of working with permanent magnet (PM) motors, which allows a much greater flexibility in selecting a motor for an application. In addition, expanded PID control allows a greater level of precise control and operation of difficult level control applications. No other micro-drive delivers such reliable performance and extensive capabilities at such a competitive cost.

Compact design separates the S15 from the competition, as one of the smallest drives offered in the industry. The compact design allows the unit to be installed in areas with limited space, allowing users more real estate when running applications.

Easy installation and programming allows the user to install and program the S15 drive with minimal downtime. Din Rail kits allow users the option of easily mounting the drive onto a pre-existing DIN inside of a cabinet or on a panel.

Toshiba VF-S15 Low Voltage Heavy Duty Inverters Distributors

S11 Low Voltage Standard Duty Micro

The S11 adjustable speed drive provides maximum torque with precise speed control. It features an easy-to-use, quiet, and compact design. In addition, the S11's advanced technology allows for versatile communication. No other micro-drive delivers such reliable performance and extensive capabilities at such a competitive price.

Initial torque surpasses 1 Hz through 200% instantly at startup from low speed. Smooth operation in the regeneration area and in the motoring area is possible through proprietary power vector control. Equipped with an energy savings mode, applications reach a higher level of efficiency. In addition, you can activate auto-tuning and automatic torque-boost in a single step.

Toshiba VF-S11 Adjustable Speed Inverters Distributors
VF-S11 Series

P9 Low Voltage

The Toshiba P9 adjustable speed drive is a revolution in pump control. By incorporating Toshiba's proprietary, ground-breaking Virtual Linear Pump (VLP) Technology, the P9 directly, precisely, and linearly controls pressure, temperature, level, or flow. The P9 eliminates many obstacles users thought were an integral part of pump control and sets a new standard in ingenuity, performance, and ease-of-use for the pump industry.

Toshiba stands at the forefront of innovation with our remarkably intuitive and user-friendly startup. In fact, out-the-box, the P9 is only minutes from complete configuration and full optimization of your pump system performance.

Toshiba's breakthrough VLP algorithm has taken PID and made it obsolete, completely reinventing how users control pressure or flow. With this new technology, after simply inputting a few values into the P9, optimum control is attained. Toshiba's VLP Setup Wizard effortlessly guides the user through the entire process!

Toshiba P9 Series Low Voltage Pumping Control Inverters Distributors

VF-AS1 Low Voltage Heavy Duty Drive

Designed with the end-user in mind, the AS1 drive combines a rugged, proven power platform with the latest technologies to provide users with a smarter, stronger, more reliable drive with flexible application control. Advanced Design separates the AS1 from the competition. The modular construction of the AS1 allows the unit to be installed into nearly any application quickly and easily. The laminated bus-plane technology used in the AS1 allows for a reduced component count, enhanced reliability, and easier service.

Simple Programming allows the user to operate the AS1 drive with little or no programming. At the same time, the AS1 maintains one of the most expansive parameter sets in the industry, allowing you to tailor the drive to your specific application.

Toshiba VF-AS1 Low Voltage Heavy Duty Inverters Distributors
VF-AS1 Series

G9 Low Voltage Severe Duty Industrial

The G9 low voltage adjustable speed drive is the most advanced, severe duty drive ever offered by Toshiba. Designed with the end-user in mind, this drive combines a rugged, proven power platform with the latest in power devices and an advanced micro-processor to provide users with a smarter, stronger, more reliable drive with flexible application control.

Powerful Performance separates the G9 from the competition. This drive offers one of the toughest overload ratings in the industry. On ratings up to 100 HP at 460 V and 50 HP at 230 V, the G9 provides a continuous overload rating of 115% of its full-load amp and 150% for up to two minutes. Above these frames, the drive is rated for 110% of its full-load amp rating for continuous operation and 150% for up to one minute.

Superior Control allows the user ultimate flexibility. The G9 can operate using open or closed-loop vector control volts/hertz patterns. Toshiba's advanced vector-control algorithm offers speed regulation of 0.1% sensorless and 0.02% with motor encoder feedback.

Toshiba G9 Low Voltage Severe Duty Industrial Drives Distributors

The FS1 is Toshiba's newest HVAC product. It is easy to operate and offers a seamless, one-touch switch between local and remote operation with built-in features that make it ideal for fan and pump applications. The cost competitive FS1 Bypass Box is the perfect solution for OEMs and HVAC applications. The enclosure makes mounting in narrow places a breeze. The FS1 Bypass Box is offered for all models and may be shipped along with the ASD or ordered separately.

The FS1 provides harmonic mitigation with or without using a reactor. Toshiba's unique technology suppresses the harmonic currents that have the greatest affect on power sources. It is engineered to optimize fan and pump efficiency, at normally inefficient, low speeds. The FS1 was built to last. Its main capacitors have a 15 year design life. No other HVAC drive delivers such reliable performance and extensive capabilities at such a competitive price.

Toshiba FS1 Low Voltage Variable Torque HVAC Drives Distributors
FS1 Series

Whether we have Q9 Series VFD Inverters in stock or need to ship direct from Toshiba Industrial Systems to any USA cities; CTi Automation can get Q7 Series Variable Frequency Inverters to you fast and save you some money. Our Toshiba Industrial Systems distributors warehouse stocks some VF-FS1 Series VFD Drive products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct QX7 Series Adjustable Frequency Drives in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. It will be very helpful if you have the Toshiba HVAC VFD Inverters part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for Toshiba Tosvert Variable Speed Drives that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for Toshiba Tosvert VFD Inverters, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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