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FRENIC-Mini Series Drives

Transverse conveyor, conveyor for food processing machines
To achieve powerful operation, FRENIC-Mini incorporates the simplified torque vector control system and the automatic torque boost function. To utilize the regenerative power, FRENIC-Mini incorporates a braking transistor (1/2HP or larger) that can be connected with the braking transistor (optional).

Fan, Pump
Automatic energy-saving function, PID control function, and cooling fan ON/OFF control function. FRENIC-Mini uses all these functions to meet the demand for energy saving in operation of fans or pumps.

FUJI Electric FRENIC-Mini Series Micro Variable Frequency Drives Distributors
FRENIC-Mini Series

If you are looking for FUJI Electric FRENIC-Mini Drives, please call us at (800) 894-0412 or email us at info@ctiautomation.net we will do our best to help you find the FUJI FRENIC-Mini Series VFDs that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for FUJI Electric FRENIC-Mini Inverters technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

Mixer, Chemical Equipment, Wood Processing Machine With improved voltage control capability and reduced motor instability at low speed (about a half compared with that of conventional models at 1Hz) Mini can be optimally used to drive mixers, chemical equipments, wood processing machines and other various applications. Its maintenance functions and conformity to global standards also broaden its application range.

This is an exclusive option that enables the FRENIC-Mini series to use RS-485 communication. The following operations can be performed from the remote keypad, or from a personal computer, PLC or other host controller using RS-485 communication.

  • Operation functions such as frequency settings, forward, reverse, stop, coast-to-stop and reset.
  • Monitoring of the output frequency, output current, operating status and alarm contents.
  • Setting of function codes

Remote operation extension cable is used to connect the RS-485 communications card and the remote keypad, and available in three lengths, i.e. 3.3ft,9.8ft and 16.4ft (1m, 3m and 5m).

FUJI Electric OPC-C1-RS RS-485 Communications Card Distributor
RS-485 Communications Card

The keypad permits remote control of FRENIC-Mini, and function setting and display (with copy function).

CPAD-C1-CN connector adaptor is a replaceable component of the copy adaptor's connector.

CPAD-C1 copy adapter can be easily connected to an inverter, and is used to copy data to several inverters.

Rail mounting base is a base for mounting the inverter on a DIN rail (35mm wide).

Mounting adapter enables mounting of the FRENIC-Mini as is, using the mounting holes of the existing inverters (FVR-E11S: 1HP or less, and 5HP units). (This attachment is not necessary in the case of the FVR-E11S-2/4 2HP, 3HP and FVR-E11S-7 1HP, 2HP units.)

FUJI Electric TP-E1 Remote Keypad Distributors
Remote Keypad

Standard Specifications

Applicable Motor Rating [HP] Three-Phase 230V Three-Phase 460V Single-Phase 230V Single-Phase 115V
1/8 FRNF12C1S-2U - FRNF12C1S-7U FRNF12C1S-6U
1/4 FRNF25C1S-2U - FRNF25C1S-7U FRNF25C1S-6U
1 FRN001C1S-2U FRN001C1S-4U FRN001C1S-7U FRN001C1S-6U
2 FRN002C1S-2U FRN002C1S-4U FRN002C1S-7U -
3 FRN003C1S-2U FRN003C1S-4U FRN003C1S-7U -
5 FRN005C1S-2U FRN005C1S-4U - -

Semi-Standard Specifications

EMC Filter Built-In Type (On Order)

Applicable Motor Rating [HP] Three-Phase 230V Three-Phase 460V Single-Phase 230V
1/8 FRNF12C1E-2U - FRNF12C1E-7U
1/4 FRNF25C1E-2U - FRNF25C1E-7U
1/2 FRNF50C1E-2U FRNF50C1E-4U FRNF50C1E-7U
1 FRN001C1E-2U FRN001C1E-4U FRN001C1E-7U
2 FRN002C1E-2U FRN002C1E-4U FRN002C1E-7U
3 FRN003C1E-2U FRN003C1E-4U FRN003C1E-7U
5 FRN005C1E-2U FRN005C1E-4U -

Breaking Resistor Built-In Type (On Order)

Applicable Motor Rating [HP] Three-Phase 230V Three-Phase 460V Single-Phase 230V
2 FRN002C1S-2U21 FRN002C1S-4U21 -
3 FRN003C1S-2U21 FRN003C1S-4U21 -
5 FRN005C1S-2U21 FRN005C1S-4U21 -

IP40 Enclosure Type

Applicable Motor Rating [HP] Three-Phase 230V Three-Phase 460V
1/8 FRNF12C1J-2U -
1/4 FRNF25C1J-2U -
1/2 FRNF50C1J-2U FRNF50C1J-4U
1 FRN001C1J-2U FRN001C1J-4U
2 FRN002C1J-2U FRN002C1J-4U
3 FRN003C1J-2U FRN003C1J-4U
5 FRN005C1J-2U FRN005C1J-4U

FUJI Electric FRENIC-Mini Series drives can be a direct replacement for General Electric (GE) FVR-9AS, AF-300A and AF-300 series micro inverters.

GE Catalog Number GE Model Number FUJI FRENIC-Mini Model No.
D7201 6KXC111F12X9A1 FRNF12C1S-6U
D7202 6KXC111F25X9A1 FRNF25C1S-6U
D7203 6KXC111F50X9A1 FRNF50C1S-6U
D7204 6KXC111001X9A1 FRN001C1S-6U
D7205 6KXC121F12X9A1 FRNF12C1S-7U
D7206 6KXC121F25X9A1 FRNF25C1S-7U
D7207 6KXC121F50X9A1 FRNF50C1S-7U
D7208 6KXC121001X9A1 FRN001C1S-7U
D7209 6KXC121002X9A1 FRN002C1S-7U
D7210 6KXC121003X9A1 FRN003C1S-7U
D7211 6KXC123F12X9A1 FRNF12C1S-2U
D7212 6KXC123F25X9A1 FRNF25C1S-2U
D7213 6KXC123F50X9A1 FRNF50C1S-2U
D7214 6KXC123001X9A1 FRN001C1S-2U
D7215 6KXC123002X9A1 FRN002C1S-2U
D7216 6KXC123003X9A1 FRN003C1S-2U
D7217 6KXC123005X9A1 FRN005C1S-2U
D7218 6KXC143F50X9A1 FRNF50C1S-4U
D7219 6KXC143001X9A1 FRN001C1S-4U
D7220 6KXC143002X9A1 FRN002C1S-4U
D7221 6KXC143003X9A1 FRN003C1S-4U
D7222 6KXC143005X9A1 FRN005C1S-4U
D5668 6KC1121F12X1 FRNF12C1S-7U
D5669 6KC1121F25X1 FRNF25C1S-7U
D5670 6KC1121F50X1 FRNF50C1S-7U
D5671 6KC1121001X1 FRN001C1S-7U
D5672 6KC1121002X1 FRN002C1S-7U
D5673 6KC1121003X1 FRN003C1S-7U
D5674 6KC1123F12X1 FRNF12C1S-2U
D5675 6KC1123F25X1 FRNF25C1S-2U
D5676 6KC1123F50X1 FRNF50C1S-2U
D5677 6KC1123001X1 FRN001C1S-2U
D5678 6KC1123002X1 FRN002C1S-2U
D5679 6KC1123003X1 FRN003C1S-2U
D5680 6KC1123005X1 FRN005C1S-2U

With the background of conveyors and similar equipment becoming more and more powerful as well as an increased need for energy savings from fans and pumps, etc., in the inverter market in recent years, the need has developed for general-purpose inverters with higher performance and diverse functions as well as for compactness and economy. In addition, the need for simple operation and maintenance, consideration of peripheral devices, protective functions, and conformity to international standards and other value added needs in the use of inverters have increased. FUJI FRENIC-Mini series was born to meet all these needs.

Fuji Electric is the world's top market share manufacturer of general-purpose inverters in the 5HP class or below. Based on our experience and customer's needs, we have now integrated our advanced designs and industry-leading technologies to develop a new inverter series, called FRENIC-Mini. The FRENIC-Mini features a full range of functions, compact body, simple operation, wide model variations, and global compatibility. It will meet customer needs for higher performance in machines and equipment such as conveyors, fans, pumps, centrifugal separators, and food processing machines, as well as the need for system integration, energy saving, labor saving, and total cost reduction.

Whether we have FUJI Electric VFDs in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to ship direct from Fuji Electric Corp. of America (FECOA) to any USA cities; CTi Automation can get FUJI Electric Inverters to you fast and save you some money! Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse stocks some FUJI Electric Inverter products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct FUJI FRENIC-Mini Series Drives in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. It will be very helpful if you have the FRENIC Inverter part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for FUJI FRENIC-Mini Series Micro Drives that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for FUJI FRENIC-Mini Series VFDs, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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